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Friday, July 2, 2010

Clips4sale Update Info

Sorry guys and gals... there are some issues with Clips4sale and payouts that have made me very upset. It has to deal with money, payouts and my money.... until they get their shit together, I won't be posting new store entries as they don't deserve my marketing atm.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Clips4sale - Mikaylaxxx

Just to make up for not being here this last month, I am bringing you a second clips4sale review today!

I'd like to welcome a new girl on the block... she's known as Mikaylaxxx. She a long dark haired plumper style lady. She does completely solo work so far as of today's review but she is trying to bring you nothing but the best. Her store has only been open since October 16th, 2009. With updates at least once a month but sometimes more and once and a while sometimes less. She opened her store with 7 videos and is now up to 2 pages pages worth of videos for your viewing pleasure.

This lady LOVES her toys! With a vast amount of masturbating/pussy videos, she's sure to get you off as she gets off! She also is into the whole foot fetish style scene with videos such as 'Toe Spreading In Stockings' and 'Lotion Foot Rub'. She is also recently getting into the whole Domination scene in her videos.

Drawback - She doesn't update nearly enough, I think her fans/buyers would really love to see more of her. I also find that she has a good collection of masturbating videos but she has to start thinking outside the box in terms of what she can make in content. There are ENDLESS ideas out there that she can make videos of while still keeping it solo.

In Short - If you like your woman with curves, dark hair and a wonderful sense of how to please her viewers, then stop by and grab yourself a video or 2. Remember she loves getting requests and is always on the lookout for new ideas to make videos of!

Clips4sale - Katie Jewel

Time really does get away with me WAY too easily and I apologize for not being here sooner. Today I bring to you a hot and young plumper for you to explore! I've known this lady in the sense of being on the web for quite a number of years on different sites. You may also remember her as 'Plump Strawberry' or even going farther back as 'Innocent Angle'.

This lady is very much out to please with a number of different videos open to you today on her store. From placing her first Farting video on May 7th, 2010 to showing of in pantyhose to hardcore action and even to G/G (girl/girl) action with guest stars like Mikayla Lace and Tiffany Cushinberry!

Drawback - I find it very very very hard to get clear information from her descriptions or even other text on her page because she has chosen to use a full size image as her background and then added red text to the page instead of letting the image be either more see through with a different text color or using a solid colored block so that the text is more visible. I also find that from the screen shots that she is not always using the same camera. I think it would be more fair to the buyers of her videos or any potential buyers that she make a comment in her description as to if it's digital quality or webcam.

In Short - Katie Jewel updates quite often it seems and already has 4 pages for you to browse! If you like plump punk princesses then this hot little number is not someone you want to miss!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Clips4sale - MissMinaBBW

Welcome to a new week here at BBW clips4sale! I hope every one enjoyed their Easter break! Now onto some more hot BBW video hotness!

Today I'd like to bring you to a hot long black haired BBW well known on the web as MissMina. She is one very kinky lady and LOVES taking video requests.

She has been running her store now for longer then I have seeing as store number is in the 2000's! She has lots of different fetishes but her major one since she started posting videos seems to be in the farting fetish. This is a rarity among any ladies much less BBW! If you have a want and desire for this fetish, this is the lady to hit up with your request or stop on by to see what videos she already has ready for your viewing, jerking and spurting pleasures!

Along with her farting fetish she also does crushing, foot fetish, anal, DP (double penetration), too small items such as bracelets, rings and clothes, smoking, stripping, masturbation, eating, big boob footage (42d), huge toys (12inches and above!), Giantess and much more!

She started her store with the video '
10 Inch Dildo Make Me Cum' which was posted to her hot store on October 6th, 2005. She updates quite often and more then the required by c4s once a month update!

Drawback - She has now been providing viewers with different formats such as dial up, cable/high speed, mp4 and FLV. With the option to open as many stores as one likes, it makes a single store in my eyes cluttered. Although she gives you some nice still shots of her videos in a 4in1 style with an animated .GIF, it makes it quite busy when you see things flashing before you. It also makes it quite hard to see the previews when you have the same video repeating 4 times in a row.

In Short - This sexy long dark haired BBW is out to please... she offers you the special email address of clips4sale@missminabbe.com for your requesting pleasures but remember you'll have to buy the video from her store and any other requirements she has when you request from her! If she doesn't already have something in her large collection of videos don't worry! Just email her with your request and I'm sure she will be able to help you out!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Clips4sale - Nurse Vicki

Today I bring to you another hot BBW and what better... a real life nurse! This happens to be one quite kinky lady. This lady from her own words have been into the Domination life style for over 10years and even tends to enjoy it more then normal hard core sex! She does role reverse too but that will be in another post later on.

In this sexy lady's store you will find all sorts of kinky fun from 3sums and more to bondage, over eating/feedie/face stuffing, wrestling, girl/girl, role playing, upskirt action, hard core action and MUCH more!

This lady likes to please in any way she can and has more then enough content to keep you busy for days on end! This store is updated quite often and at least by the clips4sale once a month rule!

Drawback - With the option to keep as many stores as you can handle updating at least once month (by clips4sale rules), I find her store to be too cluttered with different 'versions' of each video... making it hard to actually figure out what version you want of what video and how many videos are actually are different. Also, her different versions don't seem to be updated all at once to keep them 'grouped' at least... this makes it even more difficult to find what you want.

In Short - If you want a hot mature SSBBW that is into all sorts of things with her biggest fetish being Domination, then this is a must see clips4sale store! She's sure to bring you to your knees when you watch her and her friends!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Clips4sale - Phat Cat Videos

Hello and welcome to a brand new week at BBW Clips4sale. Today I bring you a review about a very long time running clips4sale store that has recently been trying to make a big come back! This store placed it's first video for sale when Clips4sale was still just a dream beginning to happen... that video's date was on 10-5-2005! That means this store has been around for just short of *5 years*!

Now with the date mentioned, this store has quite a mix of content to offer you but mostly vanilla style stuff. There are some fetishes that are hit such as interracial, bondage and so forth. This store does have a few 'skinny chick' videos that I think look some what out of place since most of the store houses any where from mildly plump to ssbbw ladies! This store does not just bring you one model but several models in different videos! That is a bonus to find from time to time as most of the BBW style clips4sale stores that I come across and are update regularly are of one model and/or her friends in 3sum or with her lover/boyfriend/hubby and the like!

Although this store was not updating on a regular schedule for quite some time, the owner of the store assures me that she's now making a hot bold come back and is updating it seems at least every week to every other week. I hope this keeps up as she has some wonderful ladies to share with you! Her prices don't seem to have a though out plan though I'm afraid. She has some videos that range from less then $1 per minute to a few that seem to range to $1.25 a minute (although only a few!). I am unsure of the reason to this but every store owner has his or her reasons for their pricing. There are some wonderful videos that you get a real steal on but other's tend to be a bit above the normal.

Drawback - This store does not take part in the wonderful addition to clips4sale stores of being able to customizing one's page. So it looks to the eye rather dull do to the typical unfinished black text on white background look. I also hope that she keeps up with her updating as she has the potential to make some great money with her wide selection of videos! It would also be nice to see her use the same size/style in her preview images so that you get a better look at what she is offering.

In Short - If you are looking for women that are any where from the mildly plump side to the SSBBW side and more then just one model, this is certainly a store to check out! One of the oldest running stores, she is sure to have something to please your eye and I'm sure she will in the future have much more for you!

Update 3-21-2010 - The owner of this store has supplied all of you wonderful BBW lovers with a hot sample video... hope you enjoy!

** Click The Play Button To View - Video Size Is 21megs **
** Be Patient, Video Takes A Few Moments To Load **

Friday, March 12, 2010

Clips4sale - CurvyKitty

I think it's time that I finally come in here with information about my own store... remember the saying 'I'm not only the hostess of this site, I'm a store owner too!'. I do quite a bit in the way of videos but something to fully remember is I'm a classy/glamour girl. That means I love my lingerie, heels, stockings, pantyhose and what ever else makes a great looking set. But don't be fooled by that either as I still love to get down and dirty! Some of my categories include blow jobs, fucking, facials, cream pies (yes people I bare back 99% of the time!), some foot fetish stuff, soft core lingerie/glamor stuff like soft dancing/stripping, face sitting/smothering/crushing and MUCH more!

I've had my store now for quite a number of years. My very first video was posted on 4-4-2006 entitled 'Missionary Fucking'. That means my store is coming up just shy of 4years on business! I first started out my videos with a rather cheap camcorder... for the time it did what I needed and there wasn't much else that I could afford (remember this all amateur stuff!). Now a days I use something small and compact called a Digital Flip. There are newer models out there and I hope sometime over the summer, I will upgrade to it's HighDef model. I do have a 2nd store at http://www.clips4sale.com/store/5084 that's sole purpose is to sell my private cam2cam archives when I do them and any voyeur house videos that I happen to remember to record. That store is 100% webcam capture videos but are done either with a Logitech 5000 or a Logitech 9000... 2 of the best quality webcams on the market today.

Like most long running stores and sites, my videos do get better with time as I learn more of what I am doing, gain more equipment and change cameras. The biggest problem I have is here in Belgium I play a hit or miss game with the sun and it's almost impossible to get good lighting going on when it's the deep winter months. So you can always tell when I've had the better months in my videos.

I try to update at least every couple of weeks and usually I end up placing a few videos within a few days of each other. I do tend to end up making more then 1 video at a time and in which case the above happens.

I do love to take requests but in the end it's my choice if I do them or if I charge any thing extra. I get many requests to make videos but if I do not have the equipment or outfit to make it happen, I then ask the requester to provide the extra money for the needed stuff.

Drawback - I have to admit I do have a drawback even to my own store.... I don't like how the lighting in some videos turn out but I have yet to find a good replacement for it. Most videos though that are dark are still quite ok or I wouldn't place them at all.

In Short - My store has over 210 videos as of current, updates try to happen at least every other week but are made up for by placing several new videos with in a few days of each other, I do some fetish style stuff such as pee, light bondage, some dom/sub and a few others.

EDITORS NOTE - Enjoy the FREE blow job sample video I have included but remember to see the hot and steamy 'money shot' you'll have to visit my store and purchase the video 'Afternoon Blow Job'!


** Click The Play Button To View - Video Size Is 50megs **
** Be Patient, Video Takes A Few Moments To Load **